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The report below will show you an overview of work carried with regards to repair and maintenance on your website. Plus the status of your website’s current position / situation with Google & other major search engines.

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1. Full Admin Update
A full admin update has been carried out and area’s of the website re-built due to outdated / incompatible plug in’s / Apps.

2. Website Security Checks
‘Website Security’ has been monitored, updated & checked for this month. A summary of security alerts can be found below

3. Compatibility checks with Google has been checked for continued compatibility with Google and no further errors have been found

4. Google Listings update
New Google search listings for have been updated below

5. Google Site Maps
Google Site Maps have been created and re-submitted to Google

5. Back-Up
A back-up of the website has been made


1. Website Analysis / Virus check
On inspection of your website: it was discovered that it had been used as an extensive means of promoting third party products off the back of your Google search listings. In order for this process to have worked, the website had been seriously but subtly compromised (hacked) Known as the ‘Japanese Word Hack’ – The hacker will use your website’s Google listings to re-direct your Google link to a page promoting / selling a product (to date there had been over 75,000 individual pages created using this method) – (you can find further information here: )

In order to rectify this hack, your website had to undergo a full clean & re-build process. This includes a full admin update, a security function added/enabled, which also includes a real time monitoring and alert system (since websites such as these tend to get attempts to re-hack as they have become a valuable commodity amongst the hackers market place) –

Your website has also been moved to a new server and upgraded with an SSL certificate (for further added security) – An ongoing monitoring and admin update plan has also been put in place since we have already experienced new attempted hacks (you can see a list of hack attempts by going to Admin >> Wordfence Security >> Tools

As discussed with Dave Miller at Design & Print Centre, we will continue to monitor & make security / admin updates where necessary on a monthly basis.

A Note on your current listings with Google:-
Previously, any text/links showing the Japanese text would link to rogue pages promoting an ambiguous product.
Currently, any text/links showing the Japanese text now link to
This is controlled within Google and over time we would expect these obscure text/links to drop entirely from Google’s database and although we have limited control over these listings, we will be monitoring over time.

1. Full Admin Update
A full admin update has been carried out and area’s of the website re-built due to outdated / incompatible plug in’s / Apps.

2. Added Security
A system called ‘Wordfence’ has been added / enabled on the website to monitor / block attempts of further hacks

3. Re-located to a new server
The website has been re-located to a new server with an SSL certificate upgrade.

4. Re-verified with Google has been re-verified with Google to further ensure the correct owner – Data shown by Google under the new verified owner key will also be monitored on a month by month basis should any new rogue obscure Google links appear.


Google Site Maps
Submitted sitemaps
Discovered URLs  
/sitemap_index.xml Sitemap index Dec 31, 2019 Jan 14, 2020 Success 62
/post-sitemap.xml Sitemap Dec 31, 2019 Jan 12, 2020 Success 16
/page-sitemap.xml Sitemap Dec 31, 2019 Jan 10, 2020 Success 45
/sitemap.xml Sitemap index Dec 30, 2019 Jan 9, 2020 Success 62

Discovered URLs  
/sitemap_index.xml Sitemap index Sep 28, 2019 Aug 3, 2019 Success 45  
/page-sitemap.xml Sitemap Sep 27, 2019 Sep 27, 2019 Success 45  
/post-sitemap.xml Sitemap Sep 27, 2019 Sep 27, 2019 Success 12  
/sitemap.xml Sitemap index Sep 27, 2019 Sep 27, 2019 Success 56

Discovered URLs  
/sitemap_index.xml Sitemap index Aug 8, 2019 Aug 3, 2019 Success 45  
/sitemap.xml Sitemap index Aug 7, 2019 Aug 8, 2019 Success 56  
/post-sitemap.xml Sitemap Aug 7, 2019 Aug 8, 2019 Success 11  
/page-sitemap.xml Sitemap Aug 6, 2019 Aug 8, 2019 Success 45  



Some sample listings on Google…

soul rescue – Page 1
soul healing courses – Page 1
psychic landscape – Page 1
house healers – Page 1
Natalia O’Sullivan Healer – Page 1
Natalia O’Sullivan spiritual Healer – Page 1
natalia o’sullivan psychic healer – Page 1

sacred healer retreat – Page 1
terry o’sullivan spiritual counselor – Page 1
terry o’sullivan psychic healer – Page 1
house healers – Page 4
emotional healing retreats uk – Page 5
is my house haunted – Page 4
hidden health hazards in your home – Page 3
soul rescuer – Page 1
soul rescuers – Page 1
soul rescuers course – Page 1
Natalia O’Sullivan – Page 1

Terry O’Sullivan – Page 1
psychic practitioners – Page 5

Further Google listings can be achieved through ongoing SEO, simply let us know should you like to investigate further?

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Domain Renewal for: – 09-Dec-2020 – SSL Monthly Hosting Plan – Includes Admin Updates / Security Monitoring @ £60.00 Plus V.A.T. p/m



SSL – To be renewed on: 03 – 07 – 2020



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‘A soul rescuer is a person who is able to walk between the world of the physical and the dimensions of the spirit realms as a ‘walker between worlds’.

Over the past 30 years Terry and Natalia O’Sullivan have been honing their skills as psychic practitioners. Natalia’s unique brand of healing, therapy and …

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mother, teacher, therapist and author of several books